World of Dresses


Hey people of the outside world,

lately I’ve been trapped in this whole big world of dentistry and books about it. It has been getting harder and harder over the last two weeks, as my first exam approaches quickly. As I write this, it is not even half a week until it starts. So nowadays I only leave my house to go for a walk with Theo, and even then the exams are in my head all the time. So the only time I manage to get them out of my thoughts is when I’m looking for some nice shoes or tops or dresses, that I will get for myself as a reward for learning so hard. So yeah, I guess it is true…one could say, that I am a shopping addict. But still I love it, and I will keep on doing it 😉

And exactly that is why I want to show you the place I go to to escape this big serious world of learning! Today I take you on a trip to my very own, little „world of dresses“. Here I show you some of my favorite pieces of this summer, I especially love the nice and settle colors and tones of blue as they have something really refreshing for me in this hot summer weather.

Hope you feel as refreshed as I do by these colors, and as always you’ll find a closer description of the dresses in the outfit section below 😉

xx Nicki


1+2+3: Bonprix Summer Dresses
4: Asos
5: Glamorous
6: Warehouse