Trust in Something


You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever… It has made all the difference in my life! – Steve Jobbs

I wasn’t born as the most confident person and through my life I even lost more and more of the little confidence I had as a child. I will still find myself thinking about how I could do better, be better, look better every day. I’m always so self-critical, and it is still difficult for me to give myself a break and say: „You are doing great, Nicki.“ I tried a lot of things to gain confidence and to help me be more grateful and happy. Mostly books, movies and blogs helped me to grow. I really want to try to make all of you feel a positive and calm vibe through my blog. I don’t want to be that person that is so super happy and tells you all about it, because well…we see enough of that already here on the internet.
Most people think you need to be extremely confident to build up a blog and put yourself out there on the internet but the thing is, does everyone really put her or his own self out there? I think maybe they only put the best bits out there and you sit at home and -yes most of us know it- but still we start wondering, why can’t I be like that.
So I thought that I will try to give you little bits and bobs of what makes me a better, happier, healthier person so you might find what is good for you :).
I am happy where I am today, I am still trying to figure out to accept the past and I try not to look too much into the future… which is super difficult for a dreamer like me…^^

I might not always be happy about it but I try as hard as I can and as a person, that dealt with a hard time in the past, who better to tell you that I understand all of you that are going through rough phases in your life. Most of you probably will think that it might not help to look at quotes, movies, books or blogs that try to help you out, but if you keep on doing it and keep on believing, it will all work out.

As Steve Jobbs said, you should really try to trust in something in your life! Only if you do so, you will manage to have a calmer inner self.


Top: Hollister
Shirt: Hollister
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Nike
Earrings: Topshop