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The Secret of Change



„The Secret of Change is to focus all of your Energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.“ – Socrates


Happy Friday everyone, I hope you will spend a lovely weekend and focus all of your Energy on anything good that is coming your way.

These last days I was focusing a lot on having enough free time. I was trying so hard to improve. To improve the quality of my blog, to improve the quality of my writing, to improve my style, to improve my self-esteem, to improve my knowledge that it somehow made me super tired :’D.

I was thinking so much that it was time for a change! Not for a big one but for continuously improving my life, my self and my dream: The Blog.  So i try to see it as Socrates and to only focus on building the new!

Somehow though old things come and haunt me in my dreams. But I think that maybe this is a sign of  overcoming old fears and wounds.

To my Outfit: I am wearing a beautiful flower printed retro dress from Review Australia and a color matched knit Cardi. The fabric was a dream come true. The jacket felt so soft and the dress has such a nice cute cut with these sweet barely existing sleeves.

I hope you guys find an inspiration in my sweet outfit and in Socrates quote :)! As only you can be the best of you.

xx Nicki


Dress: Review*
Knit Cardi: Review*
Shoes: Keds