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You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.
– Paul Prudhomme

Hello again people,
at first I want to apologize for leaving you so “post-less” these last weeks. As all of you who follow me on instagram already know I’ve been real busy lately. Last weekend I visited London-Fashionweek which was a first class experience as always 😉 And then this week I finally found time to catch up with some family in Norway. So I mostly didn’t have any wifi, which is why my blog got so silent^^But I promise you’ll get much more details in my next posts.

Anyways, as for me traveling is always really exhausting, I find it very hard to keep up beat and active. I feel like this has a lot to do with the fact, that we all mostly eat very poorly while we are on a journey. I constantly find myself eating “junk-food” and eating in a hurry.  But now finally I found a good solution to this fiasco 🙂
I got this super cool “Berry Boost”-Powder from “Superfood-Natural Mojo”. It contains of all different kinds of fruit vegetable and all the healthy stuff you need in one day and is super easy to use. You just have to stir it into a cup of water or milk or whatever you like. But the very best part about it is: it actually tastes well!!! Because this is something I feel is missing in most of these wonder-drinks^^ They might be pretty healthy but they actually taste like sh**.

But now back to the “Berry Boost”. So I tried this one and it didn’t only make me more active and awake, it also tasted kind of like iced-tea which makes it so much easier to drink this 🙂

So I can really recommend this to all of you out there in desperate search of the right “Superfood”. And especially during fashion week this one makes a great companion 😉


Daily Green Berry Boost: Natural Mojo

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