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Sub Couture


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Hi you! While you are reading this I will probably be on my way to New York Fashion Week. Something that I dreamt of for years is finally happening! I am so grateful to each one of you who is taking part of this journey with me. You guys give me strength and confidence to keep this website going and to aim for more :)! I will of course take you along on my Instagram Channel and will tell you everything about it on my blog a little later.

But first let us talk about this gorgeous fall outfit 😉 I want to tell you about a Fashion Boutique called Sub Couture. It is a British woman shop that sells clothing from several designers like Twin-Set, Patrizia Pepe and Melissa Shoes. They have a variety of great and unique pieces that I am sure you guys will love. I styled together this outfit for fall consisting of a leather like leggings, a sweet khaki T-Shirt and these gorgeous booties from Melissa Shoes. I found these three pieces on their website and was very happy with the finished look 🙂 As for fall you will need a jacket I paired it with this one from Dresslink. The bag I added is from Marc Cain and is a real beauty!

Talk to you soon!

xx Nicki


T-Shirt: Sub Couture*
Leggins: Sub Couture*
Shoes: Sub Couture*
Jacket: Dresslink*
Bag: Marc Cain*
Sunnies: London Retro*