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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Hi guys!

When I start writing a blog post I am always thinking about what I can tell you. I am trying to think of any cool news to tell you but the problem is that I just have nothing much to talk to you about. I am still sitting in my room learning all day every day but then sometimes -no really it is a lot of times- my mind starts traveling to places in the future. And lately I even got asked on my Instagram-profile: what I want to do after all of those exams?So here is what I see my future-selfs doing:

I want to see more of this big world we live in! But not just traveling places….I mean, I really wanna do that too. I wanna go places, I wanna enjoy life and I wanna feel the adventure. But even more than that, I wanna see how the real people live in other countries…and I wanna become part of it!

The other thing that has a huge impact on my future live is: I really want to experience the life on the country side. I am so sick of the big city life with all its hustle-bustle and these important lives we all think we live. I am so super jealous when I am here at my moms and see the people on their big tractors getting the hay in and see the horses and cows graze in the fields. It just feels so much like freedom and happiness. So I definitely do not wanna miss out on that too!

So all of this is just giving you a rough edge around „how I want to live in the future“. But as far as I’m concerned this is more than enough for you to know, as even I don’t know much more about my exact plans in the future. But I hope and I’m sure of it, there is much more to come…and it can only be better than what is right now! So with this I’ve got to say bye for now and get back to studying :-/

To my outfit: I am wearing a beautiful skirt from Style Icône paired with my super comfortable basics from Wolford. I just loved to be able to wear such a high quality outfit. The feeling is just amazing.
The Wolford body just felt like a second skin and aren’t these tights amazing? Just loving these cute little kind of „socks“ in it.
There are more cool outfits to come soon! :*

xx Nicki


Body and Tights: Wolford
Shoes: Vintage
Skirt: Elisabetta Franchi through Style Icône