Square Prints


“Pictures could not be accessories to the story — evidence — they had to contain the story within the frame; the best picture contained a whole war within one frame.”
― Tatjana SoliThe Lotus Eaters

If you remember I showed you some self made magnetic pictures from Sticky 9 about a year ago and I still love them. I placed them on my fridge and so I look at them very often during the day when I sneak there for a look inside the magical food palace ;).

Today I am happy to tell you that I am working with this great brand again, to show you these cool square prints which you can design in your very own way to make your home more lovable.

As I am a lover of wood and country house interior designs I thought it would be great to use a simple cord and  hang the pictures up with a clothes peg.
I placed them right under the watch in my kitchen so I can think of the lovely moments I had in these pictures while searching for the time or while drinking a cup of tea or hot chocolate or even my morning coffee :D.

I hope you guys got some inspiration from my little idea. As in my opinion printed photographs are super important for us especially since we only use to have them on our laptop or mobile phone. Because this way you take a moment to look at them, which I find is really rare these days.


Pictures: Sticky 9*
Clothingpins: Karstadt
Cord: Karstadt