Spring Blooms Breakfast

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Breakfast is always the best time for something juicy, sweet and fresh – it just feels like the right way to open the day.  Yotam Ottolenghi

Hey guys,

wish y’all a lovely sunday, even though it might not be a sunday on which you see this blogpost 🙂
But the point is, as I’m in the middle of the preparations for my final exams, this sunday I just needed a break. So I decided to call up some of my close friends and have a nice and nutritious breakfast on this warm and sunny day. For this purpose it came in really handy, that I just lately got a beautiful gift basket from Marks&Spencer including all this very beautiful and retro-styled pottery, which you can see in the photos below! I especially love the flowery designs they have on all their stuff, which perfectly fits this time of the year. I smiled like a little girl on christmas unpacking all these Goodies <3.

Furthermore, the cups as well as the plates in the middle of the table, which are covered, with all the food, are especially useful when it comes to having a picnic, as they are of a special plastic material called “melamine”. This is an extremely durable plastic, which is also told to not feel like you eat out of cheap plastic plates. At first I was really scepticle about this “wonder” material, but I’ve got to say, even though you still notice it is a kind of plastic, these plates and glasses feel pretty good, and almost look like real pottery. So I can definitely say they exceeded my expectations 😉
But anyways  if you want to find out more about this material or just want to find more beautiful flowery stuff for your home, go check out Marks and Spencer online.

You cannot only find beautiful lifestyle goodies on Marks & Spencers but also beautiful dresses, like this violet lace one which I am wearing in this post.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week as much as I enjoyed this laid back Sunday breakfast with friends!!

xx Nicki


Lace Trim Shift Dress*

Perfect Picnic Goodies:
Spring Blooms Melamine Plates* (with food on them)
Spring Blooms Picnic Floral Tray*
Spring Blooms Floral Picnic Wine Glasses*
Plastic Spring Bloom Floral Drinks Dispenser*
Plastic Spring Bloom Floral Picnic Jug*

Everyday Crockery:
Spring Bloom Side Plate*
Pretty Bird Pink Mug*
Rosalie Side Plate*
Rosalie Footed Mug*
Spring Bloom Cappuccino Mug*


Collaboration Supported by Marks and Spencer & Shopping Links 

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