Sokusai Sushi

Making sushi is an art, and experience is everything. -Nobu Matsuhisa

Hey guys, I don’t know how you feel about sushi…but I think it is great! 🙂
Like it says in todays quote, I think sushi is kind of an art-form…all the different sizes, shapes and colors you can create…it is just amazing! I mean…just look at the fotos 😉
I wonder how you feel about sushi?

Anyways, last week I had this amazing invitation to go to „Sokusai Sushi“ in Wiesbaden and try their all-you can eat sushi! At first I was a little confused, but in the end it was really cool…you could order all your food via iPad, which is kind of good when it comes to sushi, because you’ll immediately see a picture of what you will get. So you could order any 5 items of the list, that you wanted, and after every 10 minutes you could order 5 more…so you would have the chance to try all the sushi you wanted 🙂 I absolutely enjoyed the experience, especially since it came around just in time for Max’s birthday. So if anyone of you is a sushi-freak like me, it is definitely worth a try. And if you already know the place, tell me what you thought about it 🙂

xx Nicki