Shopping in Scottsdale

Hey y’all! It is monday again and that means it is time for a new post and a new fresh start into the week. Unfortunately it is going to be my last week of vacation. (I know… it is super bad 🙁 ).
So this means I am going to be back to University studying next week.

How about you guys, are there still some of you out there who haven’t started school yet? How do you feel about it?
Today I am going to show you pictures from a quick shopping trip to Scottsdale. Sadly this day I decided to go very casual as I just wasn’t feeling like dressing up but well at the end I kind of regret it as everybody in Scottsdale seems to be super fancy every day and I got a bit bad looks in the shops…
So yeah, talk to you guys soon and I am working on an other special project right now hoping I will be able to show you soon.
Looooads of love,
Pullover: Mango
Shorts: Hollister
Shoes: Guess