Shine Gold

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Hi Guys!

Isn’t this dress from AX-Paris screaming: fun, youth and life! It is so gorgeous and such a beautiful „jump-into-spring“ styled dress that it actually expresses all the needs I find inside my head!!

I really had an amazing time in the south of France. The weather was spectacular and I even got a bit tanned. Which normally never happens to me :D. As you might notice I got quite a few freckles as well! I love this time of the year when everything and everyone is preparing for summer. Oh and additionally not to forget that love is in the air as well… Quite a few birds where having the time of their lives over there :’D.

Thus I think a lot about my life lately: „Do I do everything that I wish to do and am I really, truly  happy at where I am at right now.“

Maybe there was too much time to think about everything on my vacation!  I  even got myself caught up in a bad kind of „midlife crisis“ . You all might think now, that I totally have gone mad. How old am I again? 22!

Maybe I feel like this because I am studying such am important thing where you already have to appear all grown up and all „I-have-my-life-together“ like. But it annoys me sometimes. I am still young… I wanna go out and I want to explore the world! I want to travel and try to make my dreams come true… I want to go out with my friends, go dancing, get tipsy and just enjoy life to the fullest.

It’s only one and a half years more until I am done with school. So I should probably just hang in there…

But if anyone of you knows a solution to all this messed up feelings I have right now. Please go ahead and tell me the answer!


xx Nicki



Dress: Ax-Paris

Shoes: Mango

Sunnies: Sassy Classy

Braclet: Swarowski

Ring and Earrings: Forever 21


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