#Share Your Style


You can kick anything with the right boots.

Howdy! I can’t help but think how lucky I was that there was a little bit of sun last weekend so it was possible for me to take these pictures. I was really trying hard this weekend but the dark grey skies and little rains didn’t make it possible at all to take nice shoots.

Additionally I was so happy that the weather was really warm lately and we were experiencing a november with temperatures around 15 Degrees celsius which definitely isn’t normal but great for me to show you guys what I got going on under my coat ;).

Let me get started about my over the knee boots. As the cold month are approaching, there is nothing more fit to wear when going out, than some nice boots! And in my opinion over the knee boots bring that little bit of edge to the outfit, that I love so much! But for quite a while I was too scared to try them, as I mostly already get weird looks when I am wearing over knee socks. Last time I wore some I got offended by a drunk guy strolling around the city telling me that I look like a prostitute! This was definitely not in my intention. Still, I think that in boots I don’t look cheap but very elegant with a slightly sexy look, which I think can be hard to get as I am not the most curvy woman out there :D.
So finally I dared to wear some over the knee boots, and I loved it!

Furthermore there is this thing going on with me loving red and not being able to resist on buying more and more red things ;). So this beautiful bag had to make it home to me.

One good thing about this weather is that online shopping is more fun then ever. ( Is that really a good thing? I know I will be broke again pretty soon if weather is continuing to be like this…^^)

But yeah, you should check out Zalando for bags and shoes! As I love looking for expensive things and then Zalando is showing you some other examples that look alike for less money and they still look super beautiful.

For example I was looking for over knee boots and found some that I really liked for around 200€ and then I got offered these ones for only 59,99€. So I went for them and in the end I like them even more. I mean, look at these beautiful details on the back of the heels!

As well as I was looking for a red Valentino bag which was sold out when I decided to go for it but found this beauty from Fiorelli instead which was a good price as well! I leave you the links down below to check it out.

Wish me luck for better, warmer, sunnier fall days to come so that I can show you some more cool new personal style favorites ;).

Hope you’re all doing okay so far!

xx Nicki


Overknee Boots: Tata Italia through Zalando*
Bag: Fiorelli Mia through Zalando*
Dress: Guess
Rings: Nikki Stark Jewelry*