Scotch & Soda Try-On


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Hey guys!
Today I am telling you about an amazing new project. I paired up with Scotch and Soda and was able to go to fittings in their store in Frankfurt. I’ve been a big fan of scotch ’n soda for a few years now so I was very happy to be able to really dig in deep and to spend hours to look for my favorite pieces to show to you here on my blog. As always I couldn’t keep my eyes off of  jackets. I’m really such a „jacket-crazy“ person, you could even say that I collect jackets and surely Scotch and Soda didn’t disappoint me 😉 You will see a lot more pictures today than usual as I really want to tell you the whole story about visiting this lovely shop in Frankfurt.


by Scotch and Soda



Sometimes all you need is a cool looking black jacket but then you go through a store and see a patterned one and you wonder if it wouldn’t be the right thing to buy this exceptional jacket and later you end up wearing it only on the seldomst of occasions. So when the shopping assistance told me that it was a jacket you could wear in and out I was super excited to see how it might look. Here is the result:





When I picked up this green, brown and white bomber jacket you see below I was so excited to try it on., as I do love my green eyes but only when I wear green other people realize that they actually are! Mostly people think that I have blue eyes which I would love to have as well but it’s just that they never noticed my eyes before. So I love to make them pop with green clothing and especially with dark greens as they naturally match my eyes.





As you might know I love retro styled pieces and this beige bomber jacket just looked so 90s of course I couldn’t let it hang in the store 😉





I just can’t get over these cool prints on this dark green leather jacket. Doesn’t it look super amazing!!




Oh, and I need to tell you that I finally got my first Espadrilles. I wasn’t so much into the hype at first but these ones just look amazing. I love the little fringed details and of course the studs <3. Especially these cute tiny little star-studs.


Scotch&Soda_19 klein


For tops I was rather looking for cool fabrics and basic cut shirts than for anything striking. Additionally I need to tell you that I finally found „the perfect black ripped jeans“ I was so in love with it once I saw it and I didn’t want to put it off anymore. I never had Scotch and Soda Jeans before but I must say that they have an amazing real Jeans feeling with that I mean that they don’t feel like the super stretched skinny ones which I kind of grew out of lately. Which doesn’t mean that I won’t wear skinny jeans anymore I am just looking for a better feeling while wearing them. I don’t need them to be like a second skin anymore. Same with t-shirts and tops: the wider the better.






Again the star studs got me <3….




One thing that really excited me about my fitting at Scotch and Soda were the so carefully chosen and beautifully put together patterns on their pieces. Just look at this vest!!!!





Off to their new collection I need to tell you that I can’t wait for fall to wear the amazing coat you will see below. Their latest collection is inspired by moroccan styles. The prints and details were just extremely gorgeous. I fell so in love with their newest styles!!

Loving the boho vibe going on:








If you look closely you will be able to see that the pattern shows little camels and palm trees! I feel on vacation just wearing this super soft shirt 🙂




And here it is: my love for fall/winter 2016!!!





And last but not least I have to show you this amazing piece of Fashion!! This Jacket we called „the magician jacket“ and I told everyone right away that this one definitely is a Fashion Week piece. I seldom have seen something so exciting!! It is made out of velvet fabric with little golden accents and sequins.





Thank you to Scotch and Soda for this amazing experience and I was very happy to spend time in your store in Frankfurt I had a lovely afternoon and Theo was so proud to be able to come along as well :-*