Sassy Skirt


Hey y’all,

I know its been some time since my last outfit-post, and lots of things happened in between….first of all two new goodie posts on my blog ;-P, my final examines started and Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon!!! 😀
And before anyone of you is asking: yes, I’m playing it too (even though I really don’t have any time for stuff like that right now)^^ So now, that it is out, I can admit to you, that this post actually got shoot during one of my hunts for new Pokémon. As I was visiting my boyfriends family in a rather small town in Rheinland-Pfalz that weekend, we were lured into this very small but kind of picturous alley by a Poké-Stop, that was situated there. We immediately thought the street would be great for taking photos of this „traditional costume“-inspired skirt, as (at least in my eyes) this street looks like it could also be situated somewhere in Greece, or elsewhere in the mediterranean. Anyways I love how the little nodes at the bottom are making the skirt fly as you move around. It almost gave me the feeling of being a flamenco-dancer and made me dream of beautiful summer nights on this grey day. If you also wanna go shopping for some clothes that make you dream, you can just visit my friends over at sassy classy. They have plenty of more stuff that makes you dream in their store.
So go dream, and enjoy the rest of your summer.

xx Nicki


Top: Sassy Classy
Skirt: Sassy Classy