Lets run wild


 One of my earliest memories is of seeing my mother in her beach chair, reading a book under an umbrella by the water’s edge while my sisters and I played beside her. Of all the life lessons she taught me, that is one of my favorites: to take time at a place I love, restore my spirit with books and the beach.
Luanne Rice

Today we live in such a stressful world that we often forget about the best things in life. Time and fun. We continue to learn each and every single day to get better, to be better and mostly to be the best. But what does that mean to you to be the best? Is it really that important to spend most of your time working to get a better job, to have a nicer house, nicer car or a fancier boat.

Sometimes all we need is to sit down, spend some time with family. Eat food together, drink some glasses of wine and read a book. A book that takes you away from all the general stress that is going on . A book that takes you to a world where people, life and emotions are still existing.

Most people probably wouldn’t understand if I tell them that during 6 weeks of vacation there was not a second when I was bored or touched a book for school. The only thing I am doing right now is make my blog come to life. Each and every day a little more. I want to give you a place where you can enjoy being a person with sadness and happiness and loneliness. A place where all of this still exists. A place where dreams are still allowed to be fulfilled.

First when I started this blog I mostly did it because I wanted to have something to get my mind off of school. I was thinking about it since High School but I was too scared to go public back then. It scared me that a lot of people could read what I was writing. That even my enemies could read it. I didn’t dare to put me out there as my selfesteem was too low and I was way more concerned what people might think about me than I do now. For right now I am happy to tell you that this blog has become my dream and my passion. Even if you might have never met me or even spoken to me, I can tell you I am real person that is just like everyone else. I have good days and bad days and I will keep the content coming either way so you will know that I am real.

When I was little my mom told me not to cry in front of the other children that were mean to me or that excluded me from playing games. She said: „No one wants to know when you feel sad. People will be mostly only around when you are having a good time.“

I didn’t understand why and even until today I must admit that I still do not fully understand why people are like that. What is wrong with showing your feelings? Everything would be so much easier if one could just be happy or sad or even weird from time to time. Our world would be a much realer place. No one would feel that forced into being „like the others“. 

For me animals and nature are the two things that keep letting me be myself and I love to let my thoughts run wild when I am outside hiking or even just walking the dog. It frees my mind. And without those moments I couldn’t exist.

So I am very curious guys: What do you do to get out of the usual routine to just be yourself for a moment? 


xx Nicki


To my outfit: I am wearing a Pullover and T-Shirt from a cool online shop called Rad that offers great printed shirts and pullovers. The saying: Lets run wild totally fits to my Lifestyle :D!

I paired it with a cool, star printed Diesel Jeans that I found at TK Max and which was luckily a really good deal (29€ :0).


Pullover & T-Shirt: Rad.co*
Jeans: Diesel
Shoes: Converse