Prom Dress Inspiration



Hey everybody! Who loves prom dresses as much as I do?! 😀
I am sure every girls heart beats faster ones you see those cool and unique dresses. For me it is always the biggest desire to buy a dress that is super unique and pretty and that certainly no one else will wear on the prom.  Therefor I put together a whole bunch of inspirational not-the-every-day-kind of prom-dresses, so that next time you guys know what to look out for! What I love about these dresses is their fairytale-look. And with the sparkly stones and accessories attached to the dresses you definitly make sure that everyone will notice you.
Hope you find some inspiration for yourselves by this, and next time you will be the highlight of your prom night! 😉

xx Nicki

Dresses: Sherry London * (Just click on the pictures to find the links)