Pretty in Paradise – July Beauty Box

Hey guys! It is an extremely rainy day today so I think it is the perfect day to talk to you about a lovely little surprise beauty box from lookfantastic :)! This beautiful box  was sent to me for an Instagram featuring but as I loved it so much I am telling you about it here on my blog to. I always think that you can get a much better look at things on the real blog instead of just a social media post.

So here we go. This is what was inside!

1. Chamomile Refreshing Toner:

I really like this toner as it doesn’t burn so much on the skin as others do.

2. Maroccanoil: Hydrating Styling Cream

I am a big fan of Maroccanoil products and as I am always struggling with dry hair, this is something really handy to put into my travelbag.

3. Regenerate advanced toothpaste

As you guys might know. I am a dentist and of course always in for trying out some fancy new toothpaste :D!

4. Mimitika Face Sunscreen

As I am extremely pale I really need a high SPF protection, especially for my face and even more for my nose… If not I look like Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer

5. Hot Makeup Bronzing Powder

I just love Bronzing powders for summer! As again I get red before I get tanned, these sneaky little products help me too look like I was tanned :D!

6. Highlighting Pen

This highlighting pen has a really pretty color and I have been using it for under my brows and the inner corner of my eye since I got the box. As a highlighter for your cheeks I would rather recommend a powder ;).

7. Vitamine Drink (forgot to photograph it alone 😉 )

This yummy little Shot was a cute extra 😉

8. Latest Elle!

I love the magazine Elle and was so happy to read it :)!



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