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Hi everyone! How about I show you some beautiful nature with super cute pony’s! I am thinking of moving to the countryside later on and when I do I definitely want to learn how to ride! I love horses, they just are super beautiful creatures. I recently started watching the Canadian TV-Show „Heartland“ which is about a Horsewispering and a farm and the family that lives on it. I love this show sooooo much, it always makes me feel like I am on vacation and I love that it shows the beauty of the bond between people and animals! I had so much fun just looking at these beautiful creatures and especially with my new classes from Tens, they have such an amazing filter which definitely brings you some vacation vibe as well.

I already told you that I was so happy to work with the brand Edited in one of my latest post: „Baby Blue„.  They have beautiful clothes and I am always happy to work together with brands I totally trust and which have an amazing quality. The feeling of wearing these clothes was so amazing!

I paired it with a less pricy top from Elite 99 which you might know from my latest post “ Take me Downtown„.

Hope you like the outfit and that you find as much calmness in nature as I do.

Love you all,

xx Nicki



Sunnies: Tens

Jacket: Edited

Top: Elite99

Skirt: Edited

Shoes: H&M




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