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Good morning guys! Today I want to show you the Personal Microderm system to exfoliate your skin at home!

The idea behind Microdermabrasion is to remove the dead skincells from your Stratum corneum so that the cells can regenerate to new healthy skincells.

The Microdermabrasion is caused by the little disc that sits on top of the PMD. It comes in different strengths so that it will fit to every skintype. For example I have super sensitive skin so I will stick with the blue disc to only remove it soft.

With once-a-week PMD Personal Microderm treatments you can be sure that you are not over exfoliating but that it is going to be right for your skin to be able to renew itself.

Additionally it is very important to say that the Microdermabrasion will maximize the absorption of your daily products.

So if you are fighting with pimples or dry skin it will definitely help you to aid with the products you are already using.

Here is how it works:

  1.  Thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin.
  2.  Pull the skin taut with your free hand to allow the Personal Microderm to smoothly glide over the skin.
  3.  Move the Personal Microderm in an upward fluid motion across the skin. Do not hover on any spots and move quickly.

  4.  Immediately after treatment, wash and dry the skin. Apply a calming toner and recovery moisturizer.
  5.  Clean the cap and filter after use with rubbing alcohol or antibacterial soap.
I used the PMD for three weeks now and I am already super happy with the results. I was fighting with pimples in my T-Zone and with dry skin in the rest areas of my face. It helped it in both ways. I will continue using this device from now on as I think it really has immensely helped my skin! Especially in winter I have a lot of problems with dry skin due to the heated air in the house and for now my moisturizing creams work quite well :)!!
I am so super happy that PMD sent me over this device as I can absolutely not imagine living without it anymore!
xx Nicki

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