Oil Therapy with La Biosthétique and von Trentini

Invest in your hair it is the crown you never take off!


Hey everyone! If you followed along my Instagram Story you might have already seen that I was at the hairdresser on Saturday to try out La Biosthétiques Oil Therapy . I was extremely excited to do so as I am hoping for my hair to finally get into the length I always wanted. So I have been taking extremely good care of it for a while now but the Oil treatment was definitely the perfect addition to come along.

The Oil Therapy Treatment is supposed to nourish and hydrate your hair and should last up to 8 weeks. There are two different Oil Treatments you can do. Either the Volume Oil treatment or the Vital Oil treatment. Cool thing is you can also combine these two and it will be applied in a balayage technique. I have very thin hair so I was excited to see if I will get more Volume out of it and for my ends I was happy to see them nourished and less dry.

Once we started out combing my hair it was again a struggle to get through it and I was happy to hear that the oil treatment will help me with that too. It felt really nice to go to the hairdresser knowing you are doing something good for your hair but you are not cutting it off. 😉

While at your hairdressers you have to go through these steps:
1. Cleaning
2. Applying Volume Oil to the routes and Vital Oil to the ends
3. Warm Compression (for 10 minutes so that the oil can suck in)
4. Applying Volume Cream
5. Blow Drying


I was happy to visit my favorite hairdresser von Trentini in Wiesbaden:

These are the three products that were used during the treatment:

Getting Ready for the Treatment

This is how my hair looked like before the treatment


And now to the Treatment!

1. Step: Cleaning

2. Step: Applying Volume and Vital Oil

3. Step: Warm Compression

4. Step: Applying Volume Cream

5. Blow Dry


End Result


Before & After





















My review

I was very happy with the end result: my hair felt nourished, softer and had more elasticity. The only thing I was a little sad about was: that on the next day I could already feel my ends getting dry again, so I would really recommend to do it regularly if you have very dry and long hair such as mine and keep in mind, that after al the struggle you put your hair through for years, it can’t be perfect just after the first time. Additionally I have to tell you that what I was really impressed by is, that even though I washed it twice now it still feels like after the treatment! So in the end I am excited to see how long it will stay this way and I will surely be doing it again 🙂 !
Let’s grow some longer, healthier hair 😀 !

This Oil Therapy was sponsored by La Biosthétique and von Trentini! Thank you very much for this opportunity to try it out! And thank you Christian for the time and effort you always put into your work with me 😉