October Afternoon


October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again. Hal Borland




October started and with that a new month that brings us closer to Christmas! It makes me so happy to think about Christmas! By then it will all be over. I won’t have any exams anymore and my future will be right in front of me. I can’t wait to start this new chapter of my life. Especially because I get more and more excited to finally do all the things for which I haven’t had the time during these crazy months of studying.
I am so happy that my blog was with me all along and that I will be able to fulfill my dream of creating more and more content soon :).
I started on working on something new yesterday but I am not too satisfied with it. So I will do it all over again ;).
Problem is, these last days I was so tired and I felt as I was about to get sick and yep, today it happened. I got a cold. My throat hurts horribly and so I will probably not me ready to this all over again. So I have to tell you guys that it will probably need a little more time until I can tell you what I am doing.

So to my outfit: I loved this little black overall and was so happy when I found it on asos. I wore it with a basic shirt from Mango underneath and added this cute bag pack from Sassy Classy as well as my Steve Madden Shoes.

I am curious what you think about so I would be super happy if you’d leave a comment below.

xx Nicki


Overall: Asos
Shirt: Mango (last years collection)
Shoes: Steve Madden (last years collection)
Bag pack: Sassy Classy*