Monday Update: Why I hate it when people say that blogging isn’t a real job!


Hey everyone! I am sorry that it has been a while since I last posted I had to take over the emergency service at the practice I am working in last week and weekend, so that I just wasn’t able to put that much attention to my blog. I am trying to catch up on everything now. It is just so crazy how fast a week goes by in real life and how slow on Social Media. Social Media wants you to post every single day and if you don’t do it you will see your account shrinking. So yep, Social Media is a real sensitive little b***.

What I’ve seen:

I have started watching the (quite) new CW TV-Show Riverdale and I absolutely am obsessed with it already!

What made me happy:

How close I am living to the lake it is just so calming to sit by the water.

What made me sad and angry:

Recently  a lot of German papers have published articles about Bloggers and Influencers and how they are making so much money by just having the time of their lives and not making it totally clear that it is advertisement.
First of all I think it is  really difficult to do the right thing as there are no true guidelines represented by the government. For example if you agree to one Instagrampost for a product you get for free but you like it so much that you post it on all your social channels and blog does this still mean it is advertisement? And is it advertising if you are gifted the product and you are choosing yourself if it is good enough to publish it?

This really isn’t easy for us bloggers and it makes me really angry when papers print things like: with every 10.000 Followers you have on Instagram you get at least 100€/Instagram Post so you just have to smile in the camera, slurp your cocktail and that is it. Boom you are rich!

Hello? Is anyone out there that gets that this is actually not the way it works? I really don’t make 700€ in one Instagram Post. I would love that…but sadly this is not the truth. I would be damn rich if this is how it would be like!

Sadly, this isn’t the only thing they get wrong and print about. They also post articles which go in the direction that being an influencer isn’t a real job, and that posting pictures is the easiest thing to do!! And even an actor started to make fun of a beloved German Influencer which I think is like the dumbest thing to do as most of these German celebrities aren’t real actors but are just going to events and galas just like the bloggers do.
Why does somebody think that blogging isn’t a real job? Being a blogger is damn hard work and I get really angry when I see papers making fun of big bloggers like Caro Daur for not having a „real job“. Damn, she does have a real hard job! Posting pictures and stories every day isn’t easy and arranging every collaboration and event by yourself isn’t either! When you are writing a post on your blog you need to be your own stylist, your own make-up stylist and your own journalist oh and yeah most of us are also our own photo-editors and Social Media Managers. So being a blogger easily gets you to do 5 jobs at once! Now please dear newspapers, do your research before saying anything like that.

My new plans:

Doing more Instagram Stories for you 😉 @morning.elegance

My favorite song of the week:

My favorite song of this week: Be Yourself by Seth Alley.

What I’ve bought:

I bought myself the new Samsung S8 I hope it really is as good as everyone is saying it should be. I really can’t wait for it to arrive at my doorstep!

I wish you a fantastic week!

xx Nicki