Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

Beauty products are very important to me and as I have a very sensitive skin and a very pale skin as well it is not that easy to find good products that are affordable so I am always happy when I get asked by beauty companies to go through their items with you.

As Mineralissima says it in his name, it is mineral makeup and they use natural products and try to use as littleof them as needed. They also don’t try their products on animals which makes them even better! They feel great on my skin and I didn’t get any irritations.

I tried some different products from their website and I must say that I am addicted to the blushes and the eye shadows. I had beautiful sparkling colors in golden tones and a beautiful pink blush that looked absolutely stunning. I will tell you when I used them in my newest upcoming posts.
The Make Up was also really great as it is not a full coverage and was able to turn my slightly pink face into an even tone by still looking natural.

Other than that, sadly I am still sick and so I’m sorry for the little posts to go online this week. I will try to keep you updated and my Paris Fashion Week posts will go online soon but as I told you I wasn’t able to work on the posts this whole last week.

Hope you guys are healthy and strong!

xx Nicki

Beauty Products