Longines Ambassador of Elegance


The Golden Hat
This boy had a golden hat.

The hat was magical. It could talk.
The boy did not have any voice. He had autism.
His hat was always with him.
His hat was lost one day.
Now he had no way of telling them his stories.
His mom and dad became sad.
They taught him spelling on a letterboard.
It was hard.

— Written by 12-year-old Keli Thorsteinsson, a nonverbal autistic boy who had just learned to communicate by pointing on a letterboard.


I am sure most of you know the Swiss watchmaker Longines. They design luxury watches since 1832 and are known for their “Aviators” range of watches. But today I want to tell you something really incredible and for me worth so much! I am always impressed by the power of fashion and accessories and love it when it is used in world changing ways! I am sure you will be as super happy about this as I am:

On the 18th of May Longines welcomed their ambassador of Elegance to the Longines museum in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. This ambassador is no other than Kate Winslet! But Kate wasn’t only there for exploring the history of Longines. She visited on a much higher mission!

When Kate was filming the documentary: “A mother’s courage: Talking back to Autism” she met Margret Erixdattir who’s son is an autistic and nonverbal child. The film was centered upon how Margret Erixdattir found a way for her son to communicate with his parents again. After Kate talked to her own daughter and thought about how horrible it must be to not being able to communicate with your own children she founded the “Golden Hat Foundation” together with Margret Erixdattir.

They created the non-profit Golden Hat Foundation with the mission to: “change the way people on the autism spectrum are perceived, by shining a light on their abilities and emphasizing their great potential. With proper education and career training, these individuals can truly realize their dreams.”

The swiss watchmaker has a tradition of supporting worthy causes and holds the same values as Miss Winslet and the Golden Hat Foundation. Therefore Longines spontaneously decided to reissue a watch to support this amazing non-profit foundation and especially seeks to highlight the capabilities and the immense potential of individuals with autism!

So when Kate visited the Longines Museum, a specific watch caught her eye. Longines decided that this watch will speak for the values of the golden Hat Foundation and that all sales will be donated to Kate Winslet’s non-profit-foundation to help changing the way people see autism and to help all people with autism to learn to communicate and to be able to experience social relationships.

Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine.





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