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London Retro



The less routine the more life.
Amos Bronson Alcott


A few days ago I told you about spending time outside in the nature and that is so super import to me to get out of my daily working, learning, sleeping routine. One thing I want to tell you about something that I love in life will definitely be just a tiny little thing ­čśë Have you ever worn sunglasses on a clouded day? As you might see in these pictures the sun wasn’t really finding its way through all of the thick clouds but still I wore the beautiful sunglasses. Why? Because they are like a real life „summer filter“. You will always get sunny and warm summer feeling once you wear sunglasses it doesn’t even depend on what time of year we have ;).

This pretty pair of sunglasses is from Sunglassesshop . To those of you who read my blog for some time might remember Sunglassesshop from my post about these Polaroid Sunnies.
This time these sunnies are from a brand called London Retro which offer a few varieties on retro style like sunglasses like this cool round pair ­čÖé

To know more about the rest of my outfit make sure to check out

So get out of your routine from time to time go in the sun and enjoy life :*

xx Nicki



Sunnies: London Retro