#LFW: Omer Asim & Danielle Romeril


„What I love about London is the energy and the creativity. Culturally, it is such a happening city, from the cuisine to the fashion.“
Monika Chiang

A few years ago I wasn’t a big fan of London. It was too crowded and too stressful but this time it was totally different. This time I didn’t visit the city to just walk around all the big sightseeing things. This time I wasn’t a tourist. This time I was there for my passion.

I don’t visit cities to see the monuments. I travel to see the people, the culture and mostly the lifestyle. I love walking around just observing the life other people live and imagine what they might be going through at this time, where they might be heading to and how they are dealing with it. I just love to sit down in a café and write my own stories. Let my mind make up characters, minds and feelings. When I was still in high school I would take my notebook with me everywhere and just write down little stories and ideas that I would love to put in a story someday.

This last years of studying dentistry I got more and more caught up with the every day life. Living life just as a routine. Still, I always think that there is more to life than that. This just can’t be it. I am struggling growing up. I wonder where I did lose myself and why I didn’t let myself some time to find me again and to listen what my heart wants to tell my mind.

Surely, I always wanted to do more than the work routine with my life. While traveling I was so much in my thoughts that I could develop more and more my own self again. I suddenly remembered who I want to be. Driving to London and just be a part of this rushing crowd made me feel so close to myself.

While I sit here at the kitchen table I get goose bumps writing what I am writing right now. I am so afraid of going back to uni and losing myself again. I am so afraid of just working as a machine again and trying to lock my feelings away so no one can see them. Just saying yes and I am alright to everything and everyone and to try to go home and forget about it and to sit there and learn and to try to remind as much as I can and to not forget it when a professor or doctor asks me. Trying to not be afraid. Trying to be confident.

I am like a mad person having a mind that just erases everything when I am in an exam. Blacking out. I had my first black out during my final year of high school and since then it is happening each and every time again when someone asks me a question. But how do you keep focused when your not allowed to feel anything at all?

Soon I will be losing myself to the every day life I used to live again…


As I just wrote all of this down I noticed that I am not writing to you about fashion at all. But actually thats what it is to me. Fashion is an inspiration. Fashion is a feeling. Fashion is how I can express myself to the outer world. Fashion is my world. Fashion is me telling you how I feel.


#LFW: Omer Asim

I loved the dark feeling Omer Asim’s designs made me think about but still his clothing was so elegant and sassy leaving me guessing what it is that these pieces wanted to tell me. Enjoy!









LFW_91klein LFW_92klein




#LFW: Danielle Romeril

Danielle Romeril’s designs were colorful and interesting and so outgoing that I was jumping into another world while entering the presentation.