#LFW: Eudon Choi and Edeline Lee



Hey guys! I know its been a long time since I’ve been properly showing you some personal style outfits but don’t worry they will be coming up very soon once I am arriving in some better weather I will try to do the best I can to let you guys see all the new stuff I bought!

Yeah, you and my friends might actually be right about that I don’t need anything anymore. I hear you and it definitely is true but you can always improve the items that are in your closet. I am sure as hell not going to be able to find another storage place for all the clothing I have :D.

But well today I have something different planned for you guys! I am showing you all the inside pictures I took at the shows and presentations that I visited during London Fashion Week.

2016 was my first year to attend London Fashion Week. So I was very excited to see how it is over there. I’ve been to New York, Paris and London now and all those three Fashion Weeks were so different from one another!

But London will definitely be on my „wishlist“  for next year. If you guys wonder why I am talking about next year when there is another Fashion Week Season coming in September I will tell you all about it right now: I will sadly not going to be able to attend it because my final exams come closer and closer. I really do not look forward to that. I am not really good in exams especially oral exams which are going to be the most of them. I am just so super nervous that I am already fighting some anxiety issues right now…

Sure to some of you I might seem very outgoing and openminded and thats true when it comes to people … but still its not true for exams. Most of the times I can’t even get a proper sentence out of my mouth. Well at least thats how it feels for me. I still passed everything in the whole 4 and a half years I’ve been studying dentistry now, but this somehow doesn’t shake it for me to feel confident about me and what I know.

#LFW: Eudon Choi





#LFW: Edeline Lee