#LFW Day One


 . „I think it’s cool that London Fashion Week is about young designers trying wacky things.“
Alexa Chung

I hope you enjoyed your easter weekend. I haven’t had much of it as I flew back on Sunday and arrived back in Germany today. But I will tell you all about my trip when I am done telling you about all the great things I experienced while I was still in London ;). I know I might be the last one to post anything about Fashion Week but I had a lot of things going on and just did not find the time or the wifi to blog. Additionally I just totally smashed my phone to pieces yesterday and will be off of the phone for a week now.
But well back to business, these pictures were taken on my first day in London and with that the first day of Fashion Week! I decided to wear something that would take me through the whole day as I arrived in London in the late morning without having had a chance to stack everything at my friends house so don’t get worried when I seem a bit pale and exhausted on the pictures below.
The first day of Fashion Week was simply Fashion Madness. I was invited to so many beautiful presentations and shows that I even needed to skip on some of them which I sadly only noticed while being there running around the whole day and realizing that it just wasn’t possible to see ALL of them. As a Fashion Week Newbie I still need to figure everything out ;).

So for staying warm outside I was wearing my vintage alpaca coat from Peter Hahn and underneath I wore a super beautiful lace top from my friends at Sassy Classy*. To make it all a bit extraordinary I added these amazing Cowboy over the knee boots from Topshop.


Coat: Peter Hahn
Top: Sassy Classy*
Jeans & Belt: Bik Bok
Shoes: Topshop