Laughlin Bridge

Hey y’all. Thank God it is Friday. I totally need the weekend right now. I had a super stressful week with patients and university… Actually it was a lot of fun but still exhausting. I just look super forward to crawl under a planeket in my bed and just lay there and watch my new favourite TV show: Hart of Dixie  all day long:).

When I look at these pictures we took during our stay in Vegas I can remember how windy and still hot it was that day. It felt like someone would blow a giant blow drier right at me.
What I would give for that feeling right now…,
In Germany it is getting colder each day and winter is coming nearer. All the leaves fell off and I already hope for a White Christmas.
You will totally think I am super strange posting pictures in shorts and a crop top while talking about Christmas :’D. Sorry for that 🙂
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Kisses, Nicki