Lake Cachuma



I think I was probably a cowboy in a past life. Gin Wigmore


Hey guys! Today I want to show you my first post that I made with these cool cowboy boots at the beautiful Lake Cachuma! I always wanted to have some real cowboy boots but I never found the right pair. Neither have I ever dreamt about the perfect pair being a red pair. I don’t know if you were watching „How I met your mother“ but I definitely felt like Ted. I always think that I am mostly like Ted so it kind of made sense but I need to tell you that I spent nearly two hours in that store letting it run through my head that I might be making a huge mistake :D. When I finally decided to go for them the cashier at Boots Barns name was… yeah, you guessed it: Ted! So if that wasn’t faith telling me to put them back.
Still I went for them and I can’t believe how pretty they are! They were love at first sight and still are!
I paired them with so many different outfits to be sure to check each of them out :D.

Additionally I need to talk to you about these glasses from William Morris through . Aren’t they amazing?
I love how they look edgy and cool and don’t make my face look fat or make me look like a hot secretary. Sadly this is the look most of the glasses give me when I am wearing them so I was so excited when I tried these ones on! I was wearing them nearly every day and I think that I will add them to my look very often as I think that they are so ME!

I wish you guys a great week and thanks for reading, commenting and following!
I am so happy that I have you as my readers!

I love you all!!

xx Nicki


Glasses: Briloro
Boots: Boots Barn
Jeans: Bik Bok
Shirt: Hollister