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Karlsruhe Lookbook

Hey guys! I am extremely overworking now these last few days. You might have noticed that I changed my website completely ;). I really want to get everything done before I go back to the clinic where tons and tons of work and learning is coming towards me and I am already a bit scared about how I want to do everything…

I will start an additional job in the dental emergency to learn the most I can but it will definitely not be easy while studying and working on my blog… but I have to get it done somehow. 🙂 I think some of you worker bees will understand me. But quitting the blogging is definitely not an option so don’t worry :’D.

I totally forgot to publish this sweet video from a summer weekend in Karlsruhe when Theo still was the tiniest little, fluffy being on earth :D.

xx Nicki

1. Outfit

Dress: Wholesalbuying
Rucksack: Otto Kern
Shoes: CND Fashion

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2. Outfit

Top: Newdress
Skirt: Newdress
Shoes: CND

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3. Outfit

Top: Sassy Classy
Jeans: Sassy Classy
Shoes: Public Desire
Sunnies: Polaroid

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