Juice Cleanse



Good Morning everyone! I’ve been trying out a juice cleanse from a German brand based in Munich called Yuicery. I love juice cleanses as they are nearly the only diet I can go through without cheating a lot ;). Additionally it is a great way to clean your body from all the bad things you’ve been eating and drinking lately. Furthermore it is great way to really appreciate eating again.
I can tell you that I am not the most sportive person and from time to time I need to feel fresh again and I also have to keep my weight to feel happy about my body. So I am grateful for some yummy juices for three days that give me back a bit of energy.
Juices: Yuicery





The “Yellow one” was a quite refreshing  juice that was sweet and yummy at the same time 😉


At first I really needed to get used to the taste of the green juices but once you drank one you need to drink more of them as they make you feel super awake and actually the taste is pretty great! I will definitely try to drink more green juices in the future ;).


I really needed to get used to the root juice at I normally only eat it and never drank it before. It was probably the juice I disliked the most but still it was drinkable and made me feel full. 😉


During these last hot summer days this was so yummy! Orange mixed together with cucumber, limes, mint and Aloe Vera seams like the perfect combination for a cool down juice after you had a long day of work or uni ;).


I always loved Almond Milk but mixed with Dates and Vanilla it tastes even more great. This was definitely my favorite juice for the evening. It made me feel full so I didn’t have to lay in bed hungry before falling asleep ;).


All in all I really enjoyed juicing these last days and the yuicery juice is really good! I also tried making my own juice cleanse once but if you don’t have a juice maker it is extremely much work. So the yuicery is a great idea to have a healthy clean diet without loads and loads of work.