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Jewel in a Cupcake


Hey guys, happy forth Advent!! Only a few more days until Christmas is here!

Have you got all your presents yet? If you do, then I think it’s time to treat yourself and if you don’t, well what do you think about these cool Jewel Bath Cupcakes? They look super yummy, but won’t make you fat in the holiday season :D.

You use them in your bathtub to relax and to scrub and renew your skin. The cream of the cupcake is a peeling and the bottom is like a bath bomb. If you want to get a real foamy bath, hold the cupcake directly under the water jet. You can even reuse the bath scrub when you place it somwhere dry.

And the best thing is: You will find a hidden treasure in the cupcake! Which might be in a value up to 250€!!! You can choose, if you want to find a ring inside or a necklace or even earrings!

Doesn’t that sound like something every girl wants :D?

And shhh, but there is another 10% off for you guys with my code: morning.elegance!!


I am off taking a bath now after writing about all this 😉

xx Nicki


Cupcakes: Jewel Bath