I love Handbags


I love accessories. I’m a girl. I love shoes. I love handbags.

Hi guys! I hope you started an amazing weekend and that you will have plenty of time to relax from the stress of last week. For me University started with a bang! I had patients right away, had to work late to times this week…and I am still not back to being healthy again. I still have a bad cough and I hope I will lose it soon. I am sure that everyone of you knows how annoying it is when you start coughing in a quiet reading and just can’t seem to stop. So embarrassing and annoying….

Now back to some more fun things 😉 …Last week I got a new hair cut as my hair really needed to be trimmed. I am happy to be rid of my split ends and ready to grow some longer healthier hair again :D. I also had it layered so it won’t look as thin as my hair really is. So now it is able to jump a little again :).

Also I got a new addition to my collection of handbags 🙂 My newest bag-love is from Matthew Harris. He designs beautiful high quality purses which look absolutely fantastic. As you know for me bags, shoes and coats are very important to be of a good quality as you will use them many times and they can turn your look in to an elegant and high fashion look. This day I chose to wear this beautiful piece of accessory to a more casual look and it gives it a definite great touch!

My Cardigan is from my friends at Sassy Classy and I was wearing it nearly every day this week as it is super comfy, soft and warm! Additionally I can’t leave without telling you about this cute little pullover from Few Moda New York. It looks great and the quality is definitely a big plus as well!

Stay healthy and I wish you a great weekend!

xx Nicki


Bag: Matthew Harris*
Pullover: Few Moda*
Cardigan: Sassy Classy*
Jeans: Mango
Shoes: Nike