How to rock ‚em cowboy boots!


It never mattered to me that people in school didn’t think that country music was cool, and they made fun of me for it – though it did matter to me that I was not wearing the clothes that everybody was wearing at that moment. But at some point, I was just like, ‚I like wearing sundresses and cowboy boots.‘ Taylor Swift


Since I was a little girl I have been fond of girly cowboy boots. The first time I’ve visited my uncle in Nevada, I was so overwhelmed by everything! The beautiful blooming desert, the shining lights in Vegas, the all you can eat buffets and of course the Cowboys and Cowgirls at the Rodeo.

In my uncle’s hometown there is a big rodeo once a year and of course I had to go there with him. When I was there, I was taken away by all the beautiful laid back people, just doing what they love looking so good and natural. I loved that style.

I tried to keep this style for years and always didn’t want to look too dressed up. I was trying to pull the chic down here and there but still keep it elegant.

Even back then, I already loved to wear boots more than anything. Especially boots with dresses like in “Look One”.

So when you think about wearing Cowboy Boots, just think about them as your casual boots and add them to loose dresses, Jeans Shorts or Skinny Jeans.

They will still make you look like a girl, but will give you that touch of „I don’t care what I am wearing because I wear what I like“ and this is what you should always do in Fashion: Just be yourself!

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Schon als kleines Mädchen war ich verrückt nach Cowboystiefeln! Das erste Mal, als ich meinen Onkel in Nevada besuchte, war ich von allem überwältigt. Die blühende Wüste, die glitzernden Lichter in Las Vegas, die “All you can eat” Buffets und natürlich auch die Cowboys und Cowgirls vom Rodeo.

In der Heimatstadt meines Onkels gibt es einmal pro Jahr ein großes Rodeo. Alle gehen hin und natürlich musste auch ich mit.

Als ich das Gelände betrat, war ich sprachlos. All diese “laid-back” Cowboys und Cowgirls  trugen diese wunderschönen Lederboots. , verziert mit Schnörkeleien und Blümchen.

Es war eine so fröhliche Stimmung, wie auch das Design auf den Boots. Ansonsten trugen alle ihre alten Jeans und Kairohemden dazu.

Da ist mir aufgefallen, dass alleine diese genialen Stiefel, das gesamte Outfit zu dem machten, was es war.

Überhaupt sahen alle Leute in diesem Stil einfach nur natürlich und wunderschön aus.

Ich liebe und lebe für diesen Stil! ​

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