How to get more Collaborations!

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Henry Ford

Today I want to do something different… I want to give you some blogging tips on how to get more Collaborations!! I am working with the platform „The Cirqle“ for a while now and since thy asked so nicely, I will tell you about the many different ways they offer you to find collaborations. In my eyes, a great opportunity is the possibility to pitch brands on their website. You can pitch some amazing brands like Samsung, Ford or Victoria Secret.  The best thing about pitching a brand is, that you can get creative and tell them your very own ideas and see what the brand thinks about it….isn’t that great! When you start pitching a brand they will ask you a few questions to fill out a form.

  1. You have to describe why you fit with to the brand.
  2. You have to describe your creative idea.
  3. You offer them links to other brand work you have done so far.
  4. Then you tell them the required budget for the campaign.

Other than that you can also directly apply for campaigns on „The Cirqle’s“ website as well. They put out job offers and then you can click the apply bottom if you fit to them.

Some of the brands you can get it contact with are the brands you can see in the beautiful box I got. So I will tell you a little bit about the products I got and maybe you will get in contact with them as well and get to try them out yourself.

Let’s start out with the beautiful Rosefield watch they put into this magic box. I am extremely in love with the dark rosé color paired with a perlmut hourglass and golden details. I’ve paired it a few times to my looks already and you can get a closer look to them on my Instagram Channel (@morning.elegance). Other than that, if you think about buying it, you can find it online on their website. (here)

As I always have quite a dry skin I am super happy that they put in such a lovely body lotion from Marie Stella for me. It is amazingly nourishing and I am in love with the smell of it! You can find it here.

Let’s go on to the scarf…If you guys know me you know that I am super keen on good quality products and when it comes to scarves this means either cashmere or silk! So naturally when this beautiful green scarf made out of cashmere-wool arrived I was extremely happy. Its dark green is one of my favorite colors and the softness well as the smell of the scarf are just absolutely amazing!! You can find it here.

When I opened up these special socks from Stox my curiosity really got awake. It says, that they are supposed to give you more energy and make your legs feel less heavy when you are having a week leg day. I am super curious to try them out: You can find out more about ist on their website: here.

Last but not least I want to tell you about these chocolate pralines from: Friandries . They look like nothing I have ever seen before and taste so amazing! Loved them! Especially that their look is so modern and different to all the other pralines I have seen before!

I hope you found some cool brands and especially a great platform where you can get more collaborations in the future!!

xx Nicola


Watch: Rosefield
Body Lotion: Marie Stella
Cashmere Scarf: Inez Cashmere
Energy Socks: Stox
Chocolate: Friandries