How I do my Make-Up // Youtube-Tutorial

Hey y’all. An exciting new thing is happening on Morning Elegance. There are now going to be tutorials on youtube. My first video is going to be about my Make-Up Routine as some of you asked me how I do it 🙂

I know I am not a professional and I am surely not as good as some of the beauty bloggers out there but when I first started out using make-up I was very happy to find some easy tutorials from people just like me who do not know which brush to use exactly when and to be able to do a nice make-up without super expensive stuff. I hope you will enjoy it and that I can help some of you guys out there. If you have a youtube channel too please make-sure to leave it in the comments below and I will surely check it out! I am super new to youtube and finding my way around there is kind of hard 🙂 So if you liked what you saw just Subscribe, give me a thumbs up or whatever you want.

Kisses Nicki