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Do something nice for YOU because you deserve it.

Hey guys! Today I want to introduce you to an online shop called Feelunique. They have all kinds of beauty products from Aveda to Zoella! Besides all the high beauty brands they offer products from influencers like Tanya Burr, who is one of my favorite youtubers.

While I am sitting here and hearing loud winds blow outside, I am super happy to be in my cozy little flat and have a nice shower and treat myself with the Diamond Oil from Redken. As you might have noticed by now, I am fond of hair oils as I think that they nourish your hair best! I am a natural blond so my hair is super thin and always gets easily tangled up into horrible knots. When I was a kid I nearly cried when my mom tried to untangle them with a comb. I am so happy that I recently found the best brush for tangled hair: The Tangle Teaser. I am sure a lot of you own it by now or have heard of it.

But girls, everything they say is true! The tangle teezer does work miracles on tangled hair!
If you are interested in the same hair products as me they offer a great deal: The Hair Heroes Beauty Box.

When it comes to eyeshadows, I am mostly the kind of girl that goes for nude shades and if I wasn’t so bad in getting up in the mornings I would use it every day… but well, sadly this is not possible and so I am always happy to have a little eye shadow kit with me when I travel on the weekends or even when I am just visiting a friend and we want to go out later on. This little kit from Lily Lolo is just 10€.  You get few great shades with it. For making it long lasting i use the NYX Primer 😉

You should definitely check out their website as they have a huge sale going on at the moment and with my code: NIC10 you will get 10% off your order over 35€. How does that sound :D??

xx Nicki

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Hair Heroes Beauty Box: Feelunique
Eye Shadow palette Lily Lolo: Feelunique
Eye Shadow Primer NYX: Feelunique