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Go Customized


Selfmade accessories are really great and I’ve been trying some different websites out as I have noticed that they all have different forms you can decide from. Last week I’ve shown you skins for my Laptop and Ipad and a case for my Iphone. Today I will show you a beautiful self made wooden case for my Iphone 5 as well as some cases for my new Sony Xperia Z3. I had a lot of thoughts on which phone to buy next as for me the camera in my Iphone5 was not good enough anymore. You can notice the bad quality even on Instagram but yeah I am a Fashion Blogger who always has pictures taken in Raw so I know that I might have some high expectations which a mobile phone will never be able to complete. So lets see where this phone takes me as it will be my first non apple smartphone and I am kind of scared about Android :’D. But well back to the topic. It is super hard to find nice phone cases for other phones than the Iphone so I was so happy when I saw that I can design them myself.

To my designs. I looked up some cool wallpapers on the web so that the quality will be amazing. I designed one case with this cool shot from „Django unchained“ the movie because as a dentist student this cool Kutsche with the Molar on the top was just too damn funny and then those beautiful desert hills in the background just look like the picture was made for me :D.

The other case is featuring the Eifeltower as it means beauty and chicness for me :).

So just get yourself started and design your own case with a personal meaning ;). Maybe even a photo you have taken on your own ;). I tried out a few websites and Go Customized is definitely one of the best ;). And yes I mean it. I tried out some other brands like that and the cases had a weird smell and material but this one feels great and doesn’t stink at all :’D.

xx Nicki