Fruit Infuser

NaturalMojo - Fruit Water

Hey loves! Today I want to show you another one of my superfood goodies. This bottle is just amazing for summer time.
Since I was a little girl I’ve often had the feeling that I want more taste out of water. But not with juice, as it makes my tummy feel full more than it stops my thirst. So I decided to go for slightly tasting water until I realized that the artificial taste may cause cancer and I stopped buying water with taste and started squeezing some lemon in my water.
I’ve never had cucumber in my drink, but it was the first thing I had when I arrived at my hotel during New York Fashion Week and it was one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had. So, in this bottle I decided to go for a mix between a citrus fruit and cucumber. The best thing is that I don’t have to squeeze them nor will I have annoying pieces of cucumber falling at my mouth while drinking ;).

Enjoy your summer guys,

xx Nicki


Bottle: Natural Mojo Fruit infuser


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