Free Spirit

Sometimes I am really thinking my life through. Then I want to do everything right (or at least try) in the future. I am somehow still on my way to find out who I am and what I want to do with my life. I know that most of you might have figured it out or maybe think they have…
Since I started this blog I am thinking about everything that matters in my life. This is my little world of dreams. This is were I can rule. I am a super creative person and creativity is a huge love of mine but I am too afraid to give it a try and make my hobby a real job. I thought about becoming a full-time blogger or studying communication design a lot of times. There is just so much pure passion for this world of fashion that I will find myself working on my blog more and more and prioritizing it. I want it to stop but I just can’t.
School started again and my free spirit is being trapped inside of the clinic and in my room learning.
I just hope that while I keep my passion a hobby that I won’t lose it and that it won’t let me down.