Where there’s tea there’s hope.

It’s that time of the year where your body needs everything good that is coming its way. I have been having a cold for around 2 and a half weeks now and I really need to try to get rid of it but my body is so weak lately with all the stress of the new start of uni. So I don’t really have time to relax. But what I do have time for is a good cup of tea. I love to drink tea in the evenings when I have at least that little moment to myself. I can sleep better afterwards, and I really  hope that through this new tea from Fittea I am able to detox a little. I love to get my self little treats like that. As you might know juices are also really important to me and I love to eat and drink healthy. Still somehow I don’t manage to be healthy enough with university and our little lunch breaks but I try my best to get all the nutrition I need. If you want to treat yourself with a yummy tea (it tastes like you just put a fresh ginger into hot water) and a feeling that you detox your body every day you should definitely give this a try as it tastes super good. I hope that it will help me with my health as well 🙂

xx Nicki


Tea: Fittea*