Fittea in a bottle


Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.

Do you remember when I told you about the yummy fit tea? As already mentioned in my last post the body detox tea has a fresh and healthy ginger-taste and so I chose it again to go into my new fittea take-away tea thermos bottle. In my opinion tea is always better when brewed freshly especially when its not pressed in a small tea bag. Cool thing about the tea-bottle is that it has a tea strainer in it so you can prepare it directly in your can and with the double glass it will also stay warm for a long time. That way you can take it with you on your journey, (almost) no matter how long it will be. Additionally: doesn’t it look super cool with its see-through design and the cap in a wooden look?

I always take it to University with me from now on to have a little warm detox during the day 😉  Tea is something that gets me warm inside and it always conjures me a smile on my face and also in my whole inner self. So let’s have a tea and talk about happy things 🙂 <3.


Thermos Bottle