First Vegas Impressions

Hi guys, I am really sorry that I keep you waiting with my moving monday video but the internet here is really bad and I tried to upload the video a couple times and it’s just not working :(! I get so mad at bad wifi. It’s just the worst nightmare of a blogger.
So well while I am here I am sorry to not be able to post as regularly as I planned to do but even the pictures take forever to load because they are just huge files too. -.-
But for now I hope you enjoy my new post. I took some of my German Friends around Vegas so you are going to see some new faces besides Max 😉

One of my favorite casinos in vegas is the New York New York! I am in love with it since I was a child and I still am!! Just so sad that I have never been to real New York yet! 😀 I am sure I am going to love it!