Enjoy who you are!

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In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln

While studying I think we often forget the simple things in life. In our society it mostly became all about studying and after you finish your exams you start working 45 hours a week which should actually be a 40 hour week but your working over hours again and again and again…
To me it feels like something isn’t right here.
If you work your dream job as an actor, singer, dancer or as a youtuber or blogger I understand that you may be working nearly every hour of your day with love and strength to push it further.
But sadly not all of us people with dreams like that can live of it.

For me it is so super hard to relax and have some fun as I always think that when I have only a tiny little moment I should give it to the blog as it gives me back so much happiness and satisfaction!

Last week I talked to a dental adviser about working abroad. I was looking forward to this talk for nearly 2 weeks. I thought that I would finally  be able to talk about a dream of mine, which was actually studying abroad… but with dentistry this wasn’t possible :(. So I pushed this dream further into the future but still believing in it that someday I will be able to live in another country. Unfortunately the guy didn’t get me at all. Like my parents he would ask me why I would want to work as a dentist abroad, why not travel a little and then come back….
Well, not all of us have tons and tons of money and after studying dentistry for 5 years I would really like to start working as a dentist as well… It may not be my biggest dream but I still like it. It’s still my future job and I really want to practice it. But now back to the whole living abroad: living and traveling is really not the same and as I grew up being so international I kind of feel trapped in this little home town of mine.
The difficulty is that most of the people don’t get that I want to do both. I want to work as a dentist and as a blogger.
I want to work and still have time to live and work on  my little dream: Morning Elegance , while still making enough money to rent a flat a little bigger than the one I’m living in right now.
For me Morning Elegance is like a life project that helps me growing up. I want to go after this dream all by myself and I don’t want to depend on my parents money forever…

When I started out I wasn’t really into writing all that personal stuff about me because I was scared that it could harm me in any way but I am not afraid of it anymore.
This is who I am and who I want to be and I am not ashamed of it.

Be yourself and be proud!

xx Nicki


Dress: Forever 21
Jewelry: Topshop and Micheal Kors
Glasses: Briloro*
Boots: Bootsbarn
Bag: Ann Klein

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