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Dog Days


Heyho people of the world!

See this design on my macbook? Yeah! I made that myself! And I absolutely looooove it <3<3<3
As everybody knows the stereotype of the cat-lady, I think I would like to call myself the dog-lady^^
Especially since I started to tell you guys about my puppy-dog Theo, all of you should know that I am crazy about dogs! And as I got the offer to choose my own designs for my macbook, iPad and iPhone cases it was clear to me that it had to be a dog! So I went online, and found this perfectly fitting picture of a dachshund, which I just couldn’t resist! So I printed it on all my cases,  and I totally love it! I think my dachshund Terry loves it too. What do you guys think?
So if you got inspired (which I hope) you can just visit and start creating your very own cases and much more! And even better if you order it with the code MORNINGCASE you get a 20% discount.
Hope you enjoyed the post :-*

xx Nicki