Divodress Event


My fantasy life was very full. Certainly when I was a kid, I wanted to be an actor because I wanted to be a princess, or something magical, and get to dress up magically, and have the kind of life that I hadn’t been born into, with magic powers or whatever, and live this wonderful idealised life. Raquel Cassidy


Today I am showing you some of the amazing photos we took during the Divodress event. Their dresses are just so beautiful that I couldn’t fit them all into this post.

This day I was styled exactly how I wanted it and it was beautiful. I was so overwhelmed of how amazingly the hair stylist read my mind and understood  100% how I wanted it to look like!
I wanted it beautifully female styled like the hair was styled during the 1920s and 1950s.
I never felt so beautiful as during that day.
The designs were so special and everyone was so lovely!
I felt like a princess!!

I think it is so sad that we are only seldom attending events were you can get dressed up all fancy and feel like you are from another era. So, for me, it is extremely important that during an event like a prom or ball you must feel like you are the most beautiful human being in the most beautiful dress and in the most beautiful style. Additionally you need to be the only one wearing your favorite dress as I think it is so sad if three girls are wearing the same dress on such a special night. So I think it is extremely important that when you find a perfect dress you have to make sure that you will be the only one wearing it! And Divodress does exactly that for you. Which is absolutely sweet and I already feel so lucky that I am going to be the only one wearing my special dress on my graduation. I won’t wear the one in this post but I will show it to you soon. So stay tuned and please tell me what you think. As for me it was such a hard decision ;). In this post you see my third and second place of evening gown for my graduation. And shall I wear my hair up or down. I am so curious of what you guys think of it.

xx Nicki





Dresses: Divodress*
Makeup: Maccosmetics
Hair: Cut and Care