Denim Dress

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„Get up. Kick Ass. Repeat!“

Hey guys and happy Monday! Well the days are passing by but I still have a load of exams in front of me. To be specific I have 14 exams and 18 weeks in front of me. When I think about it, my heart starts pounding heavily and my head just wishes for it to be over. I just reached the last week of my semester and I can tell you that by that I get a little emotional but with all of what is coming after it…. No time for emotions here.

Still it is summer outside and friends over at Lost Ink London sent me this beautiful dress which actually made me feel like I was on vacation even though I was just a few blocks away.
I paired it with the lovely shoes I found at the Scotch and Soda fitting and with some jewelry I had in my drawer.

Hope summer for you includes some free time and vacation!

Wish you all the best,

xx Nicki


Dress: Lost Ink*
Shoes: Scotch and Soda*
Sunnies: Ray Ban

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LostInk - DenimDress

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