Hi everyone!

These last days have been really stressful for me in uni… I really really need it to get better! I can’t tell you how much there is to do when you study dentistry… During the week it leaves me absolutely no time for myself. We study from 8am-18pm every day of the week (except Friday) and then when I come home I am sooo exhausted that I will eat something and fall into bed sleeping or studying…

When I was in school I would have never believed how amazing it was back then to have sooo much time.

I am really cherishing my blog and the work that comes with it, to push me to go outside, get well dressed and care about myself. The work it brings me on the internet and on the laptop is exhausting but still I can listen to music while I am doing it and I really enjoy to work on it.

In can’t wait for all this studying to be over and really go out there and practice. Because this is what makes it worth studying. Practicing dentistry is really cool and I love the contact with patients. This studying just needs to come to an end. I started studying it in 2011 and at the end f next year I will be done with the exams. It sounds so close but also still sooo far away.

As I told you, nature really helps me to calm down and relax so here are some cute photographs of this amazing outfit I wore last weekend with this amazing unique skirt from Dresslink. I just discovered this website and it really has super amazing looking cheap clothing. If you search for a fashionable low priced item this is definitely a good address 😉 But keep in mind if you order from Europe to think of the tax fees. In Germany if you order below 28$ including shipping you will be fine ;).

Hope your all enjoying life and that you don’t get lost in your daily routine.

All the best to you,

xx Nicki



Skirt: Dresslink

Top: Forever21

Shoes: Keds

Jacket: Mango