Country girl Style: Yellow Linen Dress

Life’s crazy. The highs are so high; the lows are so low.

Hallie on Nashville Cast

Hey everyone! It’s finally Friday again 🙂 I hope you all had a nice week, maybe not as full of rain as mine ;).
My parents came visiting me the last two days and at least we could go a little hiking on one day. Now it is raining like cats and dogs again. And it is THE MORNING!!! I call it real dedication to get up early on a workday to finish my blogpost on here… I would really wish to stay in and cuddle on the sofa while continuing to work on the blog.
I must admit that it is a cool thing as a full-time blogger to be able to work at home, at least if you want to. It would definitely be my dream to work from home one day so that during the autumn/winter time ( has it come already?) I could work from the place I like the best.
I really hope that next week the weather will take a turn, as one of my best friends is coming over and I planned some cool hiking trips in the alps :)! I haven’t been hiking in the alps since I got here and I really really need to do it as soon as possible as this is one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Switzerland.
Theo is surely going to be excited when we are going for a good long walk. I hope I can take him…

To the Outfit…

These pictures were shot around 3 weeks ago and I just haven’t had the time to upload them before. This beautiful linen dress is from Zara and my western boots are the same ones as always from Kentucky’s Western Boots on Zalando. (You will find a similar look or the exact products down below in the widget if you turn off your ad blocker for my website 🙂 )
Maybe you’ve already seen the outfit in one of my Country Girl Style Youtube Lookbooks on my channel. I will feature it at the end of this post again ;).


Country Girl Style Lookbook Video

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